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sub-project in the context of INTERREG V „MIND“
The "VIREP" project is implemented within the framework of the INTERREG program Germany-Nederland and co-financed by the European Union, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the MWEIMH NRW and the Lower Saxony State Chancellery.
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Developing for healthcare


The VIREP project aims to provide a Virtual Reality and portal system for patients with chronic back pain as well as their care givers. The VIREP system provides the patients means to exercise movements and learn self-awareness.

Target Group

The VIREP system supports patients with chronic back pain with movement and self-awareness training. Patients are mentored by occupational therapists during their training with the VIREP system.

Project Group

The project group is a consortium of Dutch and German health care facilities and development companies.


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  • December 2016

    Everyday Tasks

    Get some first impressions of our
    Chronical Backpain Management in VR

  • April 2017

    The VIREP idea

    Learn more about VIREP

  • more
    will follow!

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